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    時間:2021-02-25  來源:http://www.cres2000corp.net
    Food and Beverage Exhibition racks are made of various materials. In order to judge whether the food lubricant exhibition racks are strong or not, we need to see their comprehensive mechanical properties. There is a parameter called specific strength. The material is light in weight and high in strength, and its specific strength is high. Whether the lubricant exhibition racks are strong or not is mainly explained in two aspects:
    I. Molding Technology
    Food and beverage display shelf is bended by cold plate on all sides according to the required size and welded with reinforcement bar below. Spot welding is adopted. This structure has the characteristics of saving material, good load-bearing condition and smooth surface. When the width W is more than 600, two reinforcement bars are welded. The top and bottom plates of the shelf are connected with the columns by special bolts of double angle codes to make the shelf quick. Stable.
    II. Durability
    Fasteners of food and beverage display rack are not easy to rust in wet environment, expansion sleeve is not easy to aging, the overall structure is loose, ensuring that the product can be used for a long time after installation. It omits the base used in previous products, and the product installation is simpler and simpler. Only by turning the screw lightly, the product can be loaded and unloaded.
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