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    時間:2021-02-01  來源:http://www.cres2000corp.net
    As we all know, the liquid density of the lubricating oil exhibition stand is relatively large, so an important requirement for the exhibition stand is to have a strong load-bearing capacity. The following edition will give you an answer to the question of how thick the lubricating oil exhibition stand is, hoping to help you!
    The cost of plexiglass display shelf mainly depends on the thickness of the material. Generally speaking, the thicker the thickness, the better the permeability or the smoothness, the better the display effect. But at the same time, the thicker the plexiglass display shelf consumes more materials, the higher the cost. How thick is the cosmetic plexiglass display shelf to be?
    Because of the bearing capacity of the plexiglass material, the thickness of the plexiglass display frame must be taken into account when customizing it, and the thickness depends on the product it carries.
    Generally speaking, it can be used for decoration of 2 mm or less, if it has a load-bearing effect of at least 3 mm or more, and also depends on the structure of the display rack. The 3 mm to 5 mm thick plexiglass display rack has enough load capacity to withstand the weight of general cosmetics.
    If you don't want to use the plexiglass display frame with too thick thickness and too high cost, how to avoid the deformation of the plexiglass display frame with thinner wall thickness so as to maintain its excellent quality and prolong its service life? It can be achieved in the following ways.
    1. Install elastic rubber footpads at the bottom of the organic glass display frame to increase the necessary cushioning.
    2. When bonding the plexiglass display frame, slow-dry glue with higher bonding strength should be selected to increase its bonding strength.
    3. When making plexiglass display frame with large load-bearing area, we should pay attention to increasing the thickness of load-bearing plate accordingly to avoid deformation caused by large load-bearing.
    4. When adhering, assembling and fixing the plexiglass display frame, attention should be paid to reserving certain shrinkage and expansion gap to prevent the influence of thermal expansion and cold contraction on the display frame.
    5. The impact strength of PMMA sheet can be improved by hot forming, and the internal stress of the sheet can be released to reduce the subsequent shrinkage deformation.
    The small edition of the lubricating oil exhibition stand is introduced to you first. Welcome to our official website: http://www.cres2000corp.net, to express your different opinions. Thank you for your support.

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