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    時間:2021-01-26  來源:http://www.cres2000corp.net
    Display rack is a necessary facility for shopping malls. It is the first step for shopping malls to go out. Having a good display rack is the beginning of success. Therefore, we must do our work more carefully. What problems should we pay attention to when customizing the display stand? Fushicheng suggests to consider the following aspects.
    1. Customized display rack should be tailored
    Because there are many kinds of display shelves, when you customize the display shelves, you should first understand what kind of display cabinets are suitable for the goods you want to sell. Digital home appliances, jewelry stores, clothing and cosmetics display shelves are very different. When you customize them, you must find out which kind of display shelves you need. The customized display shelves in large shopping malls also need to be classified. They can't be generalized. They must be customized according to different purposes.
    2. Pay attention to the material of the display rack when customizing the display rack
    From a long-term point of view, we must choose a durable and environmentally friendly display frame made of environmentally friendly materials. The display frame made of high-grade fireproof board, acrylic and other materials has very good characteristics. The display rack with good material is strong and can be used for many years, while the display rack with poor material needs to be updated frequently because of its short service life. Considering the price increase of raw materials and labor year by year, it is economical and practical to customize the display rack with good material.
    3. Pay attention to the accessories on the display rack
    Do display also need to pay attention to some accessories on the display, especially pay attention to the lighting part of the display, to see if the lighting design is reasonable. The selection of high-grade fire-proof board to make display rack is from the safety aspect, which is very important for shopping malls selling jewelry and high-grade clothing.
    4. Select qualified enterprises to customize the display rack
    Customized display must choose brand display, because the brand products of big manufacturers are the most reasonable in both quality and price. Qualified enterprises have a design team, the style is novel, beautiful and generous, the material used is also the best, so the enterprise's products are trustworthy.
    5. The price of customized display rack
    To customize the display rack, we need to consider the cost performance of the display rack, comprehensively measure the material, style, quality, transportation and delivery time, and then customize it after some comparison.

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